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Why Chidress needs to go.

Posted on: November 19, 2008 11:36 am
As I'm sure many of you know, Minnesota Vikings fans hate Brad Childress. Some would pose the question: Why? Its only the third year in the west coast offense and your team is tied atop the division at .500. This is true, but it doesn't justify that Childress broght this terrible offense (at least his version, and just an fyi: I hate the west coast offense and am more of a fan of the old Vikings system), did a horrible job integrating the offense, and has done nothing to help the defense except for hiring Tomlin and Frazier. Let me expand on this.

-The offense. Well the offense is terrible! Maybe it is because us in Minnesota were spoiled with the pass happy teams of the late nineties into two thousands, but this dink and dunk stuff is terrible! It seems that Childress had his manhood taken from him by his wife and has zero guts to attack the defense. When there is time left at the end of the half, he packs it in. I thought you were supposed to give 100% for sixty minutes? He is crap and we should hire Billick to revitalize the offense like he did with teams of the past.

-Integrating the offense. It seems to me that he is too stubborn to modify the offense for the personel he has in there. We don't have flashy recievers who are going to make you miss a bunch. We have solid possession recievers and Berrian. We need to work with that by utilizing the slant, the drag, and the out route/comeback, especially with Berrian. Plus, we need a QB!!! Whether it be giving T-Jack another shot or drafting one high (*hint*Graham Harrell*hint*), cause what we have just isn't working. If we don't have AP, we are easily 3-7, if not 2-8.

-No help w/defense. No explanation necessary. He sucks.

These are just my opinions. I would love to hear yours about this cause its an interesting subject.
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